Lina Gronemeyer is a clarinet player born in Bremen, Germany and currently based in the Netherlands and Germany. Her work is centered in the big variety of musical languages the clarinet is at home in, finding her very own sound and way of expressing herself on this versatile instrument. 

Improvisation, honest expression of human emotion in music and virtuous ease are the main forces which are embodied on every step of her musical career.

She graduated with cum laude in classical clarinet performance at the Musikhochschule Lübeck, learning from Professor Reiner Wehle, Bernd Ruf and Jens Thoben.

During her classical Bachelor she had the opportunity to perform together with Sabine Meyer and won a scholarship from the Jehudi Mehudin foundation LiveMusicNow.

Currently she is studying at CODARTS University for the arts in the world music and Jazz department broadening her musical horizon under the guidance of Alex Simu.

From an early age on she had a fascination for world music, playing in the Symphonic Orchestra Riobamba, Ecuador and various Latin Bands from 2015-2016. In 2017 she founded the Klezmerband Vagabund with which she has been performing at the SHMF, Arte Kultur and NDR Kultur.  

Vagabund had the honor to share a concert with klezmer legend       Giora Feidman and are currently publishing their second album. Furthermore Lina got the opportunity to collaborate with Raul Jaurena (Tango), was featured as a Jazz clarinetist with the MHL Bigband and organized and lead a cooperation between the MHL Popschoir and an Orchestra in Ecuador.

Gronemeyer earned great academic acknowledgment winning the Almuniprice for outstanding academic perfomance and political engagement. She also won a third price from the Imbusch-foundation for her bachelor thesis on the political meaning of Klezmer in postwar Germany.

In the upcoming season she will perform in a contemporary opera in the Opera Amsterdam, release the second album with Vagabund and tour with her various projects in Europe.

B-flat clarinet, A-clarinet, Bassclarinet, Tenorsaxophon

upcoming concerts


29. & 30.01. Berlin, Schokolade, Bernadette la Hengst

8.02. Zinnschmelze Hamburg, THYME

9.02 Lübeck, Lichtgestalten, THYME

15.02  Rotterdam, Grounds, THYME 

8. & 9.03 Amsterdam, National Opera and Ballet, Goldilock Opera

21.03 Rotterdam, de Doelen, Las Hienas

2.04 Rotterdam, Grounds Thyme and Trio Kompas

10.04 Rotterdam, Kruisplein, Premiere Bassclarinet solo piece with electronics

12.04 Hamburg, Laiezhalle, Sinfonia Leipzig

13.04 Hannover, NDR Sendesaal, Sinfonia Leipzig

14.04 Berlin, Philharmonie Berlin, Sinfonia Leipzig

19.04 Rotterdam, Cafe the library, Mώμος Lava Band

23.04 Rotterdam, Wanderlust festival, Las Hienas

18.05, Berlin, Karneval der Kulturen, Las Hienas

22.05, Emden, Fährhaus, Vagabund

7.06, Rotterdam, Grounds, Final concert Anan Alkadamani

5.07 Amersfoort, Dias Latinos, Las Hienas

6.07 Hamburg, Forest Festival, Las Hienas

12.07 Lübeck, Kolloseum, Vagabund Albumrelease concert

24.07 Wismar, Kirche Wismar, Vagabund 

29.07 Friedrichshafen, Kulturhaven, Vagabund

3.08 Öhrringen, Vagabund Klezmerband

1.09  Dillingen Saar, Lokschuppen, Vagabund Klezmerband

29.11 Kiel, Hansa 48, Vagabund

1.12, Borken, Evangelische Kirche, Vagabund



Thyme is a exquisit mix of roots from the balkan and Makam music with a touch of jazzy and classical fragrances. 

The warm and earthy sound of the bass clarinet creates a perfect symbiosis with the fresh and exiting flavor of the violin.

Vagabund Klezmerband

With their cross-genre arrangements and compositions Vagabund brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene. In 2024, their second studio album will be released, which tells a story of passion, dedication, and the exploration of home and the search for a place to belong.

Duo Linga

The symbiosis of the latvian Kokle and the clarinet is a mesmerizing experience, inviting the listener to travel through different genres, varying from contemporary music until nordic and baltic folk.

Las Hienas Latin Band

From cumbia and salsa to original music - Las Hienas are inviting you to dance to a big variety of latin music, electrifying the audience with their empowering and feminist messages.


Pedagogical work

Lina Gronemeyer has a deep connection to pedagogic work, graduating in instrumental and elementary musicpedagogics. It is a deep desire of hers to make music accessible for everyone and share her passion for the colorful instrument clarinet. 

She is teaching individual and group lessons as a clarinet teacher as well as group lesson for (disabled) children.

Furthermore she is leading seminars in intercultural communication for IB VAP voluntary services and worked at Tontalente Lübeck leading intercultural music courses for refugees.

Musictheater for children is a big passion of hers: she had the opportunity to perform over 50 educational concerts in Kindergardens and elemantary schools supported by the Possehl-Foundation Lübeck.


Lina Gronemeyer